About Me

I was born and raised in a beautiful nature of Finland.

I found my passion for martial arts movies at a very young age. I was inspired by the world famous movie star, my idol Jackie Chan. Due to his influence I started to make my own action sequences and trained in different kinds of martial arts. By studying his films I taught myself camera angles, stunt falls, movements, timing, rhythm, parkour and fight choreography. My heart and passion have driven me to become a stunt professional. My big childhood dream came true in 2023, when I was able to participate in the first ever Jackie Chan Stunt Team camp in Beijing.

As a stuntman, my specialities are body stunts, low/semi/high falls, crashes, break falls, car hits, stair falls, bullet hits and many more. As a screen fighter I can perform stunt acting with dramatic expressions. I can combine unarmed and armed fighting techniques. I can find my ways with swords, knives and bats. Guns and weapons. I know how to combine and show elegant movements, including straightforward unstylish violence.

As a stunt coordinator and a fight choreographer, I am skilled in creating, teaching, directing and supervising fight and stunt scenes. In this role, I am responsible for designing and operating action sequences. My style of scene planning and choreography is strongly influenced by the events of the story and the characters. With my action design I try to convey the meaning of the fight and the stunt to achieve the greatest visual impact for viewers.

I teach individual and group stunt and fight lessons to create safer and natural performance for the actor. Even in the most demanding fight scenes, as well as falls/throws etc. I can also provide the right stunt team to ensure a safe, natural and successful shoots. By creating previz material, I can help with the right camera angles and edits for fight sequences if needed.

My promise to you is that you will enjoy working with me. I'm a nice guy! :)